Hydro 1500


  • Counter top
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings Use
  • 1500lt Internal Water Tank
  • 980lt/Day Maximum Production


Product Specifications

Hydro 1500 – gives pure drinking water for up to 1,900-2,400 people (5 glasses/person/ day).

  • Is an Out-door Unit that generates water depends upon humidity and temperature
  • Multi-stage filtration cascade ensures high quality drinking water
  • Water reservoir and multi stage filtration treatment keeps water fresh
  • Ideal for (but not limited to) schools, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, villages, factories, off grid settlements, and communities away from the water source.
  • Generates up to 1500 Liters of clean fresh water daily
  • Plug and drink solution, requires no infrastructure except electricity
  • Can be integrated with solar solution.