We are Hydronic Pvt Ltd, a start-up built around the rising problem of clean drinking water globally. Water scarcity is a challenge for all developing and underdeveloped regions. Therefore, clean drinking water has become an area where there is a dire need for modern technologies to fill the supply & demand gap. We believe that Hydronic is the answer to this water crisis. It is the future of clean drinking water. Its technology and its products take care of all the challenges related to clean drinking water and provide a solution that is healthy, economical, and environmentally friendly.


Our vision is to help build an eco-system that makes clean drinking water accessible to everyone. We, as a solution provider, want to work with people who have a passion for this technology and a greater understanding that it can solve the challenges faced globally. Diminishing water reserves, increasing population and lack of infrastructure make our solution the most viable and cheapest solution available today. We would like to assemble these machines locally so that every household can afford and benefit from this appliance. Our mission is to give everyone easy access to clean drinking water. 

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