About Us

Hydronic is a startup founded to take care of challenges most of us face with regards to clean drinking water.

Water scarcity is a challenge to all developing and under developed regions. Therefore, clean drinking water has become an area where there is a dire need of new technologies to fulfill the supply & demand gap. We believe that Hydronic is the answer to the water crisis. It is the future of clean drinking water.

There are three dimensions to this challenge globally:

1- Sourcing
2- Quality
3- Distribution

Hydronic technology takes care of all these challenges and provide a solution which is healthy, economic and environmentally friendly.

Now there is no need for communities to invest heavily on RO plants and underground pipes and spending billions to install and maintain water supply. Water as a resource is under pressure. Ground water depletion is a major cause of concerns for many countries. 

At hydronic we believe that investing in sustainable technologies is the way forward for all of us. We carry the experience and expertise to make sure we deliver the best possible experience to our valued customers, when they invest in these future technologies.

Hydronic is not just a machine; It is a solution that offers App-based Interaction to its customers for all their service needs. We have built a complete eco-system around the product, just like any other world class company. No calls, no queues, no need to wait for a service call request. An experience has been built from Product perspective and at the same time from Service perspective. We have combined technology, quality and service excellence at a touch of a button. 

We believe that Hydronic water generators are the way forward and are consistent with the changing technological landscape, which offers better and more sustainable way of doing things.