Who We Are!

We are Hydronic Pvt Ltd, a start-up built around the rising problem of clean drinking water in Pakistan. Water scarcity is a challenge for all developing and under-developed regions. Therefore, clean drinking water has become an area where there is a dire need of new technologies to fulfill the supply & demand gap. We believe that Hydronic is the answer to this water crisis. It is the future of clean drinking water. We at Hydronic believe that people are the most important part of any solution. Hence, as a team we share the philosophy of serving people and the environment through our new and patented technology and product range. Hydronic technology and its products take care of all the challenges related to clean drinking water and provide a solution which is healthy, economical and environmentally friendly. Our vision is to help built an eco system that makes clean drinking water accessible to everyone.

What We Do

We as Hydronic, are trying to bring about change in how we perceive drinking water as a rare resource. We believe that there is abundance of this resource in nature provided if we understand and harness it well. We can totally change our dependence for drinking water on a more easy and sustainable way. Hydronic essentially helps you get there. We ensure that the challenges around drinking water today are eliminated (Sourcing, Quality & Distribution). We provide a plug and play solution; plug the machine and enjoy the purity of clean drinking water from the very first glass. We offer a range of machines that fit your household and Commercial needs. Hydronic offers not just a machine; It is a solution that provides App-based Interaction to its customers for all their service needs. We are backed by an intelligent monitoring & App based interaction System and a complete eco-system built around the product, just like any other world class company. No calls, no queues, no need to wait for a service call request.

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