Investment Opportunity

We are eager to grow and seek investors who share the same passion. Hydronic offers a great investment opportunity for people who are looking to grow their capital fast, with excellent returns on investment over the next few years. We are fully committed to making this startup a success for all our partners.

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Become a shareholder

Join the revolution. We are a startup built around the need for clean drinking water that is a right of every human being. Challenges like unavailability of infrastructure, scarcity, and inadequate quality of drinking water makes this startup an exciting venture for everyone.

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Partner Programs

We are seeking partnerships at distribution and reseller level across the region. We offer healthy margins for our partners and support their marketing campaigns locally. We offer training and after sales support for our distributors and dealers.

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Invest in the Pilot Project

We are working on a locally produced prototype and have succeeded in bringing it to life. We are looking for investors who would help us speed up this process so we can produce these units at a large scale and combat the problem of clean drinking water

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